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Creating a Personalized Leaning Environment using the Moodle Learning Management System

Lots of work, but its done

Abstract: Personalized Learning, the ability for students to learn anything, anytime, anywhere, based on their desires and needs,  is expected to transform education. Many influential thinkers have already stated so and major corporations have already introduced Personal Learning Environments to make it happen. But what if you can not afford the current options? This paper examines the creation of a Personalized Learning Environment within the Open Source Moodle environment. It considers a design framework and and the existing capabilities to meet it. The paper concludes, that while a full scale Personalized Learning Environment may not be possible in the current Moodle ecosystem, a simpler Personalized Learning Environment is possible. Its creation and use may allow for the transformation of education in areas that can not currently afford it. Continue reading “Creating a Personalized Leaning Environment using the Moodle Learning Management System”

a bit perplexed

( I have decided to post my first Design Journal entry because I don’t feel a need to keep it private and I am genuinely interested in and need feedback)

I think I am a person with lots of ideas and I think pretty deeply. more of this later…

When I first saw the Design Thinking methodology, I was heartened in that I’ve always been interested in the topic of Institutional change. However when it comes to change I seem to be of two minds.

First I’m a liberal democrat. Little l Little d. I believe in change, that we can make progress and that it must be done with a majority. Secondly, however I am a Toffler-esque futurist. I believe that change is accelerating, and I am worried that if he we wait too long to reach consensus,sometimes it may be too late. Continue reading “a bit perplexed”


Welcome classmates. I’ve created this blog for my participation in the course” Design Thinking: Learning Ecologies And Technologies”. img_0001In real life, I’m a 57 year old teacher of US History I and II and Gloucester High School in Gloucester Massachusetts. I’m married, for 31 years and have four children the youngest of which is currently a Freshman at Gloucester High. I have many passions to name the top few they are the Future of Education, Soccer and cooking.